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The Red Fox Series

Red Fox - Book 1


In the 1950’s, a Siberian scientist began an experiment with one goal in mind - to breed a domesticated variation of the red fox. After ten generations of breeding the scientist had reduced the adrenalin levels in the animal and created a tame creature named the Silver Fox.
Decades later, the Australian government use this knowledge to devise a shocking plan that will end humanity as the world knows it.

When Freya Walker and her family are ordered to attend a town meeting by the ruthless Biocentric government, Freya is certain something horrible will occur.
The people of her town are split into four groups of people: As, Bs, Cs and Ds. Freya is the only one placed into the mysterious Bs group and transported to a ring in the bushland where she must survive a fortnight without food, water or weapons with her new companion and fellow Bs member, Whilliam Cliff.

As Freya and Whil begin to unravel the truth behind the Bs group, fighting for their freedom becomes a key part in overthrowing the Government and putting an end to their heinous plans for humanity.

Red Fox, silver fox - Book 2


Set a jaw trap for a fox. When you return the jaws will be crushed closed, but all that remains of the fox is a bloody leg. Rather than be deprived of freedom the red fox will chew off its own limb.

Freya Walker has found peace in the Beech Clan. The deserters living there have become like her family. Still, Freya finds she cannot forget about her true family, even when the clan folk forbid her from leaving their secret rainforest camp to search for them. Nearly a year after witnessing the Australian Biocentric government's heinous plan to save the natural world by eradicating unwanted humans, Freya jeopardises her newfound freedom to save her loved ones. New perils await as Freya and the Beech Clan leader, haughty young man Kharanshu Delhi, set out on their secret rescue mission:
Biocentrics still rule.

Warden continues seeking Freya to breed Alphas.

Fear, deception and apathy infiltrate the As Settlements.

But a greater problem emerges when Freya and Khar face the dangers outside of their forest sanctuary: For a wild and violent side of Freya is becoming harder to keep dormant.

earth of foxes - Book 3


When alone, a fox is simply called a fox. However when foxes come together, the group is called an earth. The earth is then part of the fox. The earth is then the home of the fox. The earth then belongs to the fox.

After returning to the Beech clan following the rescue of her family, Freya Walker discovered that her peoples’ camp had been attacked by Biocentric guards and the young infants of the camp kidnapped to be raise as Alphas: vicious leaders of a new natural world. Desperate to protect her clan and free the land from the rule of the ruthless Biocentric government, Freya convinces her companions to leave their rainforest sanctum and fight for freedom. Their key to achieving victory and freedom, however, rests in the hands of Governess Cassidy Warden, a Biocentric official with a secretive history, violent character, and obsession with breeding Alphas. Working alongside her own companions and Cassidy Warden, Freya seeks out the stronghold of the Biocentric party with the passionate intent of destroying it and the leaders residing within.

She struggles to contain the violent side of herself that emerges in the face of danger.
She struggles to trust the unusual groups of people that offer their support.
And she struggles to understand the cryptic whispers of a man who controls the Biocentrics from the shadows.

All three books in the Red Fox series are available on Amazon as Ebooks and paperback copies. 

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Also available as Ebooks with Barnes and Noble (NOOK). 

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