New Releases and Events

New Releases

While no exact dates have been set for new book releases, Lara Fanning is currently working on three original projects.

These include:

  • A stand-alone science-fiction or modern fantasy novel planned for release in 2021. Lara Fanning has completed both the sci-fi and fantasy novels, and will soon be launching a reader poll to decide which will be released first. 

  • A stand-alone mystery suspense novel for adult readers, planned for release in 2022. This book is set in colonial Australia and is heavily influenced by the work of best-selling author Dianne Setterfield. 

  • A four-book high fantasy series, the first book of which is planned for release in 2022 or 2023. This series is currently close to completion.

Please return to this website for updates on new releases.

Current Events

The Red Fox series is currently part of a global blog hop, organised by Review Wire Media. Blog Hops promote reader-blogger-author connectivity by promoting different books on a number of different blogs and offering giveaways to participating readers. 

Lu Ann Worley, creator of the Rockin' Book Reviews blog, was kind enough to select Red Fox as one of the promoted novels on her blog during the Hello Spring Giveaway Hop. 


Please click on the 'Rockin' Book Reviews' image to the right to be directed to the blog featuring Red Fox, or click on the 'Review Wire Media' image for more information about the blog hop.



Upcoming Events


​Lara Fanning is participating as an independent author in the Spring 2020 Young Adult Scavenger Hunt.

The Young Adult Scavenger Hunt (YASH) is a biannual reading event that promotes author collaboration and reader interaction. YASH brings together 80 independent and traditionally published authors and sorts them into groups: red, blue, purple, gold, and green. Each of these authors offer prizes, giveaways, and promotional material to participating readers all over the world.


When the hunt begins, all 80 authors publish YASH-themed posts on their websites or author Facebook pages, which generally encourage readers to compete in games and contests. Readers may interact with all authors' posts, regardless of that author's group. Each author will provide a coloured number at the end of their YASH-themed post. 


Readers record the number at the end of each post (and its colour). When numbers of the same colour are added together (representing the groups of red, blue, purple, gold, and green), the final numbers can be sent to the YASH organiser, and readers will be eligible to win a grand prize.  

For more information, please see the YASH website:


Guest Appearances

Lara Fanning has appeared in several guest interviews with various book bloggers. She is extremely appreciative to these bloggers for taking the time to read and review her books, for bloggers often receive a huge number of book review requests and rarely have time to respond to all of these. Thank you to all of these wonderful reviewers. 

Please click on the book blog logos below to view the interviews and see more of each blogger's work.

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