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About Lara Fanning


Lara Fanning is an Australian author who writes fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy novels that are often set in either highly-modified modern or untouched wild settings. She attempts to present thought-provoking themes in a unique manner, often touching upon messages of environmental conservation, advancing technologies and sciences, and human spirit and strength. In her works, Lara Fanning attempts to provoke reader reflection through the use of fast-paced action and adventure scenes alongside complicated, multi-dimensional characters. Currently, her published works comprise three young adult novels that are part of a dystopian-adventure trilogy called the Red Fox series. 

She completed a Bachelor of Zoology in 2018, and a science honours degree in 2019, majoring in animal welfare science. In her university years, she focussed her attention on environmental and animal welfare studies. Aside from writing, her passions include horse riding, animal training, hiking and swimming, drawing, and ice skating.

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